Importance of Hackathons for every Students

Here are some reasons which makes participating in Hackathons important:

1. Helps you think of creative solutions

Solve a real problem in limited amount of time, the constraint of time helps you think of creative solutions , though whatever your profile is. You can be a software engineer, a designer, a marketing person, a finance person etc.


2. Readily meet CEO, CTO of the different companies

You get awesome networking opportunities, readily meet CEO, CTO of the different companies. Making friends from different industries helps you in long run.

how to meet ceo

3. Get validation on ideas

You can get validation on ideas that comes up to you from variety of people (if you have plan to ever become a entrepreneur )

4. Hackathons make Profile stronger

By winning hackathons you profile becomes stronger. I bet you will get interview calls from big companies if you cross some number of hackathon wins.

Hackathons Profile Good

5. Hackathons gives experience

By participating you get experience which is worth when you try to solve something in your work / personal projects or next hackathon.

6. Get informed about current market trends

You get informed about current market trends, openly available kickass api’s which makes it easy to think of new ideas.

7. Great Rewards by Hackathons

Good prize money . It ranges from 20K to 30L and more. Some international travelling opportunities as well

Free T-shirts :p and swag

Link To Participate in the Hackathons —

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