Writing a Resume

Well many of us face this challenge before applying in any corporate. In here we discuss about the worst mistake that we should avoid while writing  resume for particular corporate. Some of them are as follows.

  • Typos and grammatical errors :-  This is a basic mistake that we do while creating an resume and it obvious that we should avoid this mistake. Resume with grammatical errors shows that the candidate is careless and not even care about the job and it directly impact to recruiter with not-so-flattering conclusions about you, like, “This person can’t write,” or, “This person obviously doesn’t care.”. Well This is an easy problem to fix. Just make sure you run spell check and have at least one other person read your resume before you send it in. Go slowly when putting your materials together. Putting together a resume can be a difficult task, but taking your time to think about what to include and how to avoid common problems can help you land that interview.
  • Lack of specifics :-  This is the part where employer need to understand what you’ve done and accomplished but be careful with this section where  creating a resume seems pretty complicated especially when the job that you are applying for, skills that you have taught yourself are not fits the job requirements .
  • Attempting the “one–page–fits–all” approach :-  It is good that and you should try to describe yourself in one page. Different hiring managers look for different resume lengths.  Employers want to feel special and want you to write a resume specifically for them. They expect you to clearly show how and why you fit the position in a specific organization.
  • Highlighting accomplishments :- A resume should be accomplishment-oriented, not responsibility-driven. The biggest mistake a jobseeker can make when they build a resume is to include a long list of the responsibilities associated with their past roles without context. A list of responsibilities doesn’t grab anybody’s attention.
  • Going on too long or cutting things too short :- Many people try to squeeze their experiences onto one page, because they’ve heard resumes shouldn’t be longer. By doing so, job seekers may delete impressive achievements. Other candidates ramble on about irrelevant or redundant experiences.
  • Bad Objective :- Most of resumes losses reader’s attention or grab at first line of  paragraph. Remember the  objective is the most important  part in your resume, this will lay the basis of their attention and impression of you. 

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