Smart City Innovative Bins

Smart City Innovative Bins

By Roopal Saru 0 Comment April 12, 2019

Multipurpose Smart Street Bin describes the scope of work of “Smart Bins” in managing the waste collection system for an entire city. The network of sensors enabled smart bins connected through the cellular network generates a large amount of data, which is further analyzed and visualized at real time to gain insights about the status of waste around the city.

Benefits of using Smart Bins

To manage waste collection through Sensor Based Smart Dustbins

  • It will stop overflowing of dustbins along roadsides and localities as smartbins are managed at real time.
  • The filling and cleaning time of smart bin will also be reduced thus making empty and clean dustbins available to common people.
  • It also aims at creating a clean as well as green environment.
  • By using the route algorithm it will smartly find the shortest route thus it will reduce the number of vehicles used for garbage collection.
  • Send optimized routes directly to drivers.
  • It will reduce fuel Consumption.
  • Less amount of fuel consumed by vehicles thus can save a large amount of money as well.

Smart  Bins with sensors

LED Display System for public information

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Street  Information Boards

The main objective of Smart City mission is to promote cities that give a decent quality of life to its citizen, a clean and sustainable environment. The new technologies by can provide visibility on solid waste management, route planning for garbage collection, resource optimization, efficient maintenance, visibility of waste bins etc.

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