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Challenge Title : Krishi Sevak

Status : Upcoming

Company Name : ToRoots Explorers Pvt. Ltd.

Domain Name : Delivery Management

Challenge Type : Idea Scouting+ Prototyping

Project Completed:
Stage completed In 0 Days
 An Application To Webpage, Anything Would Work Use Of Technology To Improve Operations
 It Should Include The Service That Give Farmer Access To Vital Information Anywhere At Anytime  It Should Enhance The Personalized And Authentic User Experience Of Farmer  Application Should Have Dramatic Impact On Food Production And Farming In General
Evaluation Criteria
Uniqueness of Idea    Important
Presentation    Fairly Important
Error-free Code    Fairly Important
Feasibility of Implementation    Important
Interactivity(UX)    Fairly Important
Design(UI)    Very Important
Challenge Description

The Concept Is To Offer Cloud Applications For Farm Management, Helping Farmers Create Budgets And Operational Schedules Against Production Plans. Farming-specific Software Can Also Be Made To Manage The Workforce More Efficiently, Mapping Workability To The Weather, And Monitoring Progress. There Can Be Analytics Software To Help Farmers Track Costs, Production Yields, And Profits Against Established Benchmarks. It’s The Same Technology Many Businesses Use, But Customized For Farm Production. While Developing The Solution, One Should Keep In Mind The Target Audience As FARMERS And Their Basic Technical Constraints. Limited Use Of Technology, Less Awareness, Low Level Of (computer) Literacy, Unavailability Of High Tech Gadgets Are The Major Limitations That Need To Be Taken Care. Target Audience – Farmers; Constraints: Limited Use Of Technology, Less Awareness, Availability Of High Tech Gadgets, Level Of Literacy, Usability Solution Should Be Designed To Include Any Or Few Of

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    1 1000$
    consolation tablet

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