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Challenge Title : App Based donation platform for charities

Status : Upcoming

Company Name : HDFC

Domain Name : NGO

Challenge Type : Idea Scouting+ Prototyping

Project Completed:
Stage completed In 0 Days
-Can Choose Anything From The List Which They Wants To Distribute (donate) Among Seekers Like Food, Clothes, Education, Health Operations-SUGGESTED WORKFLOW?CHOOSE A CAUSESELECT PRODUCTSORDER PROCESSINGDELIVERY REPORT-
TRANSPARENCY TIMELY UPDATES NEED BASED DONATION FREE PLATFORM DONOR MANAGEMENT The Key Components For The Measure Of Solution Will Be Mobility And Can Have Any Of The Below Mentioned Interfaces. -Mobile App -Web Interface -USSD -Analytics
Evaluation Criteria
Uniqueness of Idea    Fairly Important
Presentation    Slightly Important
Error-free Code    Slightly Important
Feasibility of Implementation    Important
Interactivity(UX)    Fairly Important
Design(UI)    Slightly Important
Challenge Description

100% Transparent Mobile Donation Platform For Charities, Where People Can Directly Donate Products Needed Instead Of Cash. To Bring More Transparency To Online Donations, So That Everyone Give Back To The Society Confidently. Lets Helped Them Donate Smarter, Convenient And Easy To Use No Matter Where They Are.

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    Define Prototype:
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    1 1000$
    consolation Appreciation certificate

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