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Challenge Title : Subjective Answer Evaluation Using Machine Learning

Status : Upcoming

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Domain Name : Edutech

Challenge Type : Idea Scouting+ Prototyping

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Challenges Need To Be Overcome 1. Defensibility. 2. Time. 3. Ethics. 4. Data Handling. 5. Understandability 6. Readability 7. Relevance 8. Level Of Detail 9. Completeness 10.Originality - Minimization-of-repetition-words The Comparative Approach, Which Consists Of Comparing Good Data And Bad Data To Discover The Subtle Differences
Algorithm To Perform A Task Like Tokenizing Words And Sentences, Part Of Speech Tagging, Chunking, Chinking, Lemmatizing Words And Wordnetting To Evaluate The Subjective Answer Proposed Algorithm Should Provide The Semantic Meaning Of The Context.
Evaluation Criteria
Uniqueness of Idea    Slightly Important
Presentation    Not at all Important
Error-free Code    Slightly Important
Feasibility of Implementation    Fairly Important
Interactivity(UX)    Not at all Important
Design(UI)    Not at all Important
Challenge Description

A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL MODEL FOR ASSESSING THE QUALITY OF ANSWERS On Online Assessment Platform. Looking At The Way In Which AI Can Help The Interpretation And Understanding Of Open-ended Questions Questionnaires Could Be Scored And "interpreted" By Developed Algorithms. The Parameter Needs To Be Measured: -Precision -Efficiency -Reducing Bias -Legally Defensible -Engagement

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    1 10000
    2 8000
    3 5000
    consolation Certificate

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