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Challenge Title : Smart Travel Assistant Bot

Status : Upcoming

Company Name : ToRoots Explorers Pvt. Ltd.

Domain Name : Customer Service

Challenge Type : Idea Scouting+ Prototyping

Project Completed:
Stage completed In 0 Days
 Any Platform Or Frameworks To Build Chat Bot.  Personal Assistance Simulation On Pre, During And Post Trip Using Chatbots And AI Adoption.  It Could Facilitate/handle A Broad Range Of Tasks Including Ticket Booking, Hotel Booking, Itineraries, Recommendations And Suggestions For The Best Places, Reviews For Seamless User Experience And Continuous Engagement Throughout The Travel.
 It Should Enhance The Personalized User Experience By Responding To User’s Major Queries.  It Should Be A Complete End To End Functionality For Any Particular Task.
Evaluation Criteria
Uniqueness of Idea    Important
Presentation    Slightly Important
Error-free Code    Important
Feasibility of Implementation    Slightly Important
Interactivity(UX)    Important
Design(UI)    Slightly Important
Challenge Description

Travelers Are More Tech-savvy Now And Want Everything Within A Matter Of A Click. To Ease The Travel

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Reward Type

    Define Prototype: 2000
    Build Prototype:
    1 10000
    2 7000
    3 5000
    consolation certificates

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