1. Who can apply or join?

2. Can I join as a part of a team?
In second stage not in first stage

3. What do I need to do in order to apply?
Fill the profile

4. When do I need to submit the synopsis? Before the last date

5. When do I form a team for prototype building?
Before the last date to Join
Till the prototype building gets started

6. How many people in a group can form a team?
4 people

7. Can I change my team member at later point of time?

8. Can I revise my submission? Yes! Till the last date

9. Can I submit multiple synopses for a challenge?

10. Can I be a part of multiple teams for prototype building?

11. Once accepted or rejected, can I change the request status to Join?

12. Can I form a team if I am already a part of another team for that synopsis?

13. What is the benefit if my synopsis got selected but couldn’t complete the second stage of
prototype building?

14. What if I am interested in any one stage?
Can proceed

15. What if last date of milestone is gone and I could not submit it?
Ask Coordinator (to extend the date)

16. What will happen to my solution?
Will be used by the Corporate in their business model if it meets their requirement

17. What are the judging criteria?
List of evaluation Criteria

18. Who does the final evaluation and announce the winners?
First level by Coordinator and last by Corporate

19. How many days does it take to declare results?
1-2 week depends on the number of application

20. How could I get reward?
Account transfer (Offline Discussion): Stage I
Present the solution & get reward (cash or merchandise): Stage II

21. How grade level of student is decided?
B (2) -> I (5) -> E