How O.I.L works under in National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019

Today we talk regarding to India Innovation policies 2019 and “How open innovation lab helps the  children by giving them a platform for ideation to innovation, to solve real time problems of corporates”. According to EconomicTimes, India aspires to become 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2024. To reach the mark, it needs to evolve systems and mechanisms to convert the present demographic dividend into high quality technical human resource capable of doing cutting edge research and innovation. In India, innovation is still not the epicentre of education. In order to achieve the cultural and attitudinal shift and to ensure that innovation  culture is the primary fulcrum of our higher education system a policy framework and guidelines are the need. O.I.L  takes this responsibility to enabling an environment of Open innovation on major basis.

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National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019

Innovation Infrastructure Enabling 

Innovation promotion and development is one of the major dimensions of the our strategy.

 To facilitate development of an innovation ecosystem specific objectives and associated performance indicators such as hackathones, webinar & coding competitions  should be defined for assessment which will held by according to corporates.

For  Creations of pre-incubation and incubation facilities for nurturing innovations several  Education institutions & schools are undertaken because without platform , new innovators  are unlikely to succeed. The goal of our effort is  to link INNOVATOR to ENTERPRISES to FINANCIAL SUCCESS. This Pre-Incubation/Incubation facility should be accessible 24×7 to students.

Nurturing Innovation

We processes and mechanisms for easy creation and nurturing of innovations by students (UG, PG, Ph.D.), staff (including temporary or project staff), faculty and alumni even from outside the institutions. While defining their processes, O.I.Lab  will ensure to achieve following: 

First and foremost is Innovation support, which offer the innovation by students for mutually acceptable time-frame. In case an institute wants to conduct a program (worksjop , hackathone) but doesn’t have a dedicated facility/ infrastructure  (computers/internet ) of its own, then it may reach out to nearest incubation facilities in other Institute  in order to facilitate access.

Second,  Technology developed or co-developed by students are owned by the student and Only he/she can  only allow to take a license on the said technology on easy term , either in terms of equity in the venture and/or license fees and/or royalty to obviate the early stage financial burden. 

Third, O.I.Lab allow students to work on their innovative projects assigned by corporate through our platform to work as intern / part-time or as a contributor  while studying on behalf of review comities of an institute. On basis of corporate guidelines Student/Innovators may earn credits for working on innovative prototypes under a corporate. 

Forth, Students who are under incubation, but are pursuing some kind of  innovative ventures while studying will be allowed  to sit for the examination on behalf of review comities of an institute, even if their attendance is less than the minimum permissible percentage.

Fifth, O.I..Lab will facilitate the innovation activities/ technology development by allowing students/ faculty/ staff to use O.I.L’s infrastructure and facilities, as per the choice of the potential innovator in the following manners: 

  1. Mentorship support on regular basis regarding O.I.L’s program. Deliver directly from O.I.L  or through event organisers.
  2. Facilitation in a variety of areas including technology development, ideation, creativity, design thinking, fund raising, financial management, cash-flow management, new venture planning, business development, product development, social entrepreneurship, product- costing, marketing, brand-development, human resource management as well as law and regulations impacting a business. 

Create a innovation pipeline & pathway for students as well for corporate at Institute level

Generating a lot of ideas for new products and markets, but had no team that could rely on to run with the ball and turn those ideas into real sounds . No problem, At O.I.L we ensure exposure of maximum students to innovate and pre incubation activities at their early stage either individual or in collaboration to support the pathway from ideation to innovation by giving them  a platform environment to innovate through ideation or by solving challenges of corporates. 

O.I.Lab will play as a transparent mediator in between corporate and student.O.I.Lab link  innovator  students and companies with wider innovational  ecosystem by providing support  to students as well corporate. Connecting student with real life  corporate will help the students in understanding real challenges which may be faced by them while going through the innovation funnel and will increase the probability of success.

Pedagogy and learning Interventions for innovation

To encourage co-creation, bi-directional flow/ exchange of knowledge and Diversified approach should be adopted to produce desirable outcomes, which should include cross disciplinary learning using mentors, labs, case studies, games, etc. in place of traditional lecture-based delivery. 
Pedagogical changes need to be done to ensure that maximum number of student projects and innovations are based around real life challenges. Learning interventions developed by the institutes for inculcating  innovation culture should be constantly reviewed and updated.

O.I.Lab impact

Crowdsourcing  is about passions, talents, skills and tangible resources facilitated by high tech platforms like O.I.L .  Which provides you on-demand access to the highly skilled people you need to rapidly develop high-quality  problem’s solution. Today many large organizations are too slow and speed is what really matters in this digital economy and to accelerate process  crowdsourcing plays major role in development process.

Note:- The article is incomplete and need to be edited