In today’s time there are many new entrepreneurial ventures that have taken place  by exploring new and innovative technology and are dedicated to further their growth using the same because innovation alone cannot create a way to success. Because for the entrepreneurs and students it’s all about finding the ongoing trends with the help of technology and creating something out of it with the help of technology. 

Universities are encouraging the expansion and use of technology in the classroom. As well as, the department heads and business owners are emphasizing on how to improvise their working place to more technologically advanced.

The Modern world and ideas are dominated by the impact of new technology and innovative ideas. And mainly because of these two factors, there has been an increase in the no. of start-ups each and every year.So, one can accept that tech new businesses are setting down deep roots and may help in adding to the steady cycle of advancement of technology and improvement of innovation.The relationship between innovation and technology is nothing new or incomprehensible in today’s world. Both the terms go hand in hand and could be termed as inseparable twins.

Technology basically controls the lives in the current world. Whether it’s for the businessman or the students of the current time. A day without the use of technology feels like unimaginable. It helps them to grow themselves and people around us. As we say students are the future in the same way technology is building the pathway for that bright future.

Whereas, innovation controls the lives of technology creators, which again are the students. So, with means of every theory Technology and innovation are somehow directly interdependent. 

All the current and new technology we are using today or might use in the upcoming years are the result of innovators or techies indulging in the innovation process by using the current or present technology.