The world is getting technologically strong every second. New innovations are coming out of young minds probably faster than the speed at what sound travels. World is determined to make the saying “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” true as fast as possible.

Without stepping out of our beds and houses it’s impossible to experience what the moon looks like or what mount everest looks from the top with all the snow around. But keeping in mind that we live in today’s world and nothing is impossible with us being dominated by the growing technological development. So, when I say that it is all possible with us sitting on our bed is when I am talking about Virtual Reality.

VR or Virtual Reality is something that is almost real or very close to reality experience. Virtual reality simply brings the computerized non existent world to live by the help of mind blowing technology. So, that thing that we thought we would only be able to imagine like the land of mars, we’ll finally be able to experience with the help of virtual reality. Vr requires the special VR goggles or the device itself.

While technology growth is on peak, we have Augmented reality which simply adds some computerized generated elements into the real world. It allows and helps us in the overlaying of reality or the actual objects and a 3D view of the environment using the AR application which could be downloaded on the phone easily.

The technology helps us in imagining the presence of something by giving us a 3D view of it. The users could see the place they are in but with the 3D reflection of the augmented image. For the better understanding we could refer to the game PokemonGo, in which the players were able to see their environment but with the virtual game elements in it.

The reality and virtual proportion of both the technologies are :- Virtual Reality id 25% real and 75% virtual. Whereas, the Augmented Reality is 75% real and 25% virtual which clearly states the difference between both the technologies. Also, AR requires no headset or any kind of special device, just a simple application downloaded available on play or app store on your mobile device would do it. But, in VR its special headsets known as VR goggles are required to experience it.

Both the technologies are different in their nature of virtual and reality but that doesn’t mean they are supposed to work separately. They generally mixed together to produce an improved connection with experience when these advancements are combined to ship the client to the invented world by giving another component of communication among real and virtual worlds