Winter Internship challenge

by Open Innovations Lab

Build Stage
Open Innovations Lab
2021-01-19 - 2021-02-28
Training and Development
Reward Type
Suggested Technologies
Mobile Technologies Cloud Computing JAVA Technologies
  • Develop product features and enhancements 
  • Work closely with Tech Team to extract insights 
  • Develop native iOS/Android/Javascript/Frontend SDKs that works seamlessly with  backend
Challenge Description

Participant will design and build Backend and Mobile  - based solutions within the context of our enterprise application.  

Company Pool


  • Code, develop and design features related to the existing application(s)

  • Deliver across the entire app life cycle, design, build, deploy, test and support

  • Bug fixing

  • Optimizations, scaling, performance enhancements

  • Investigation of algorithmic problems

Participation Terms
No, You can still participate in this opportunity while full-time in university. There's no need to wait until summer break for an amazing internship.

Work with product technical leads to design new products or enhancements. 
Take part in system development including analysis, coding, and testing.
Ensure adequate database performance through tuning and optimization within the context of the core transaction engine and enterprise data model
Work to define, develop and deploy business intelligence products within our suite of enterprise class applications
producing technical design documentation.
Evaluation Criteria